DOS Hardware Compatibility

I have been experimenting with various graphics cards, mainly because I kindly donated my Voodoo 3 3000 and installed my old STB Velocity 4400 TNT based card in its place.
All was ok until I decided to play Toobin' which uses a video mode my TNT card was unable to display - ain't it always the way!!

Make Model Chipset Features Issues Driver
Intel All Pentium's n/a n/a None None
AMD All K6, Duron & Athlon's n/a n/a None None
Standard Joystick n/a n/a 1 axis, 2 button None n/a
Dual Joystick n/a n/a 2 axis, 2 buttons per axis None n/a
4/6/8 button n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
CH Flightstick Pro n/a n/a n/a n/a
Wingman Extreme & Warrior n/a n/a None n/a
Microsoft Sidewinder n/a n/a None n/a
Gravis GamePad Pro & GrIP n/a n/a None n/a
SNES Pad n/a n/a Requires Additional Hardware None n/a
PSXLPT Pad n/a n/a Requires Additional Hardware None n/a
N64 Pad n/a n/a Requires Additional Hardware None n/a
C64/Atari/Sinclair pad n/a n/a Requires Additional Hardware None n/a
Digital joystick via Turbografix n/a n/a Requires Additional Hardware None n/a
AC97 sound card built into motherboard VIA AC97 VIA AC97   Go to BIOS. Enable Sound Blaster emulation. Take note of the IO address, IRQ and DMA. After rebooting, in DOS, type SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T4, replacing 220 with the address you got, 5 with the IRQ and 1 with the DMA. These are the default settings, so you might not need to change anything. Then select the sound card option 1 Set in BIOS
Creative Labs PCI 16/64/128 Ensoniq CS1371   BIOS Reports "PCI Slow Timing" C:\[install path]\
Needs EMM386.EXE to load
Creative Labs Soundblaster AWE64 (Value) ISA AWE64   None None Required
Pine Crystal 4281 CS4281   None C:\[install path]\cwrdos.exe
Make Model Chipset Features Known Problems DOS Driver Executable
3Dfx Voodoo 3 3000 3Dfx 3000 SVHS TV-out + composite *16Bit Colour? Yes Divide Error when setting resolution to 320x240 under pure dos. So I have to get into 640x480 stretched mode and it works. None
ASUS V7100 GeForce2 MX  (NOT the 'v7100 Magic') w/ 32mb Nvidia GForce2 MX SVHS TV-out + composite *16Bit Colour? No use AdvanceMAME 640x480 seems to be offset to the right about 25% in ArcadeOS and in Mame itself...can't figure out how to correct this.  I'm just running all games at 800x600 with stretch turned on None
ATI Xpert 2000 Pro Rage 128 Pro TV-OUT AGP *16Bit Colour? Unknown TV-out is blocked at 50hz, since it's a pal version of the card. Bios can be flashed but it's quite hazardous ... So, TV display is running @50 hz, and the emulation is teared ... Even if the picture quality is good with a S-Video component ... pure DOS does the same ... Not recommended for a TV-out usage (in Europe) No V-Sync / Triplebuffering under MAMEW Not supported by Dos Scitech Display Doctor None
ATI Xpert 2000/Rage Pro Rage Mobility Composite TV-out *16Bit Colour? Unknown Screen goes blank when running pure DOS with TV-out. Pure DOS is only black & white (ntsc?) None
NVidia All TNT based video cards TNT1, TNT2 & TNT2 Ultra Any *16Bit Colour? No - use AdvanceMAME No 1024 Modes None
STB Riva128 Nvidia Riva 128 Composite& SVHS TV-out *16Bit Colour? Yes No 1024 Modes None
USB       Not supported without 3rd party commercial drivers None


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