DOS MAME Checklist

before you start;

  • install you dos sound card drivers
  • verify your soundcard environment settings e.g. in c:\autoexec set blaster=a220 i5 t4
  • verify your sound card is working


  • decide which version of dos mame is suitable for your hardware i.e. Intel, AMD etc
  • download the desired version of dos mame
  • unzip the contents of the dos mame archive to a folder of your choice, typically c:\mame
  • configure mame.ini to match your settings
  • place your zipped roms in the roms folder i.e. in c:\mame\roms
  • place any required zipped sound samples in the samples folder i.e. c:\mame\samples
  • from c:\mame; run dmame pacman
Last updated on 09/22/2010, 19:19:54.


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