DOS Memory Managers

MAME does not need any MS-DOS memory managers to run

It will however run if your setup needs HIMEM.SYS or EMM386.EXE for its device drivers

If you plan on running MAME in PURE DOS or you receive a "Load error: no dpmi" error message you'll need CWSDPMI v5 in order for MAME to run

Also, some of the newer games require a large amount of physical RAM to run. CWSDPMI has the ability to cache RAM to disk but this will slow your system down. Install 384Mb + to prevent this from happening

Version 5 fixes some 128 / 256 MB memory bugs

The latest version is available from the DOWNLOADS section

installation instructions

Download CSDPMI5B.ZIP and save it to a temporary location on your hard disk

Unzip the contents of the file to a temporary directory

Goto the BIN directory and copy the file CWSDPMI.EXE to your MAME directory

It is not necessary to call CWSDPMI directly - if MAME needs to run it, MAME will call it directly

Last updated on 02/16/2011, 12:59:14.


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