MAME Optimiazations

An optimised build is a compiled version of mame using the optimisation switches to create a version of mame that incorporates the advanced features of a particular cpu architecture *phew*

basically what this can mean is that a particular optimisation _may_ run quicker on your system than the default build (which is usually the i386 build)

below is a list of dos mame compilations, compiled using the following switches;

  1. make MAMEOS=msdos
  2. make I686=1 MAMEOS=msdos
  3. make P4=1 MAMEOS=msdos
  4. make K6=1 MAMEOS=msdos
  5. make ATHLON=1 MAMEOS=msdos
  6. make DEBUG=1 MAMEOS=msdos

this creates the following builds, optimised to suit your cpu configuration

  1. Intel 386 Compatible - runs on any Intel compatible CPU
  2. Intel Pentium Pro
  3. Intel Pentium 4
  4. AMD K6
  5. AMD Athlon
  6. Intel 386 Compatible with the debug option enabled and runs on any Intel compatible CPU
Last updated on 09/22/2010, 19:39:51.


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