x64 MAME Cabinet - Linux or Windows


Whilst I'm trying to figure out my options for sourcing a cabinet, I've been playing around with Linux and Windows to see which I would prefer to run eventually.


To recap; my core hardware specs are;

Q6700 Quad Core CPU


2 x XBCD joystick cables (xbox1 to USB) with 2 xbox1 arcade sticks



OS Setup 1: Crunchbang X86_64

Crunchbang is a nice, minimalist distro based on Debian and Openbox. It just works right out of the box, with a very easy installation routine.




OS Setup 2: Arch Core x64

Yeah, I like this distro. It's a bit more work to get installed as it comes with not a lot installed.....but I like that.





OS Setup 3: Windows 7 x64

Out of the 4 operating systems, Windows 7 is the most familiar - I was going to say easiest to install, but that's no longer the case these days.






OS Setup 4: Windows XP x64

Windows XP x64 has the least driver support of the 4, although Windows Server 2003 x64 drivers will work.





Boot times reportedly a little better with Windows

Hardware support is excellent with Linux and Windows 7, not so much for XP x64

I can compile my own version of MAME on both

Windows is expensive

Linux is free and in my mind gets the kudos

The choice between them is very close at the moment. I'm edging towards Windows XP, mainly because I know I can run soft15khz when I eventually hook it up to an arcade monitor. I also know my hardware has drivers for XP x64.

I'm always going to edge towards Linux and I would prefer to run Linux, but only if I can configure it to run at the correct resolution.x64_MAME_Cabinet_-_Linux_or_Windows

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