x64 MAME Cabinet - BIOS editing and system branding


WARNING: Flashing your motherboard BIOS has the potential to kill your motherboard by means of a bad/corrupt flash or power outage mid flash.

If in doubt, don't do it


Now I have the ArcadeVGA and a stable POST and boot screen on my Wells Gardner K7000  arcade monitor, so now it's time to 'brand' my MAME PC

In order to flash the ASUS P5W BIOS, I need to create a DOS boot USB stick.

This is acomplished by using unetbootin-win http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/

From unetboow-win, select - Create a FREEDOS boot disk, choose your USB stick and you're done.

Now we need to create 2 images;
1 - the BIOS boot logo which should be BMP 640 x 480 x 256 colours
2 - the BIOS setup logo which should be BMP 640 x 80 x 16 colours

I used photofiltre to create the image and infranview to convert to 16 and 265 colour BMPs

From the ATI flash tools, run OEMLOGO.exe

Load the original motherboard ATI BIOS and replace 'OEM logo'

Next select 'Small Logo' and replace with your image

To finish, select 'SAVE ROM AS' and place it on your USB key

To flash the motherboard AMI BIOS, insert the USB boot key and boot with NO drivers

Backup existing ROM

afu236u.exe /obackup.rom

Flash new ROM

afu236u.exe /iff-ami.rom


Voila; nice branded BIOS images (video to follow

Windows XP Boot Screen

Next we want to brand the Windows boot screen with our own image

To do this I used instant sheller to change the boot logo and hide the mouse cursor and boot to the frontend

You will need a 640 x 480 x 16 colour image; here is the one I created;

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