x64 MAME Cabinet - Windows XP x64 testing


Since I've got a license for XP x64 & my hardware has drivers for XP x64, then XP x64 it is :-)

The objective for this build is;

Has to have the perception of feeling light weight
- Fast boot
- No wireless for security reasons since I'll be disabling the firewall and not installing any AV
- No printing
- No themes
- No Windows audio sounds
- Share files so I can update it (using SSH)
- Remote desktop for troubleshooting
- Soft15KHz
- MAME - of course
- 64bit developement tools to compile MAME
- MameWah frontend
- Ethernet with static IP & NO default gateway
- No internet
- No anti-virus
- No windows updates

After a default install and sorting out all the drivers

Add/remove programs, remove
- Accessories
- Internet Explorer
- MSN Explorer
- Outlook Express
- Windows Media Player
- Windows Messenger

Power manager
- turn off screen saver
- disable power management

System properties
- adjust for best performance
- turn off system restore

Startup and recovery
- time to display list of operating systems 0
- time to display recovery options 0

System failure
- uncheck write and event to the system log
- uncheck send an administrative alert

- uncheck allow remote assistance invitations to be sent from this computer
- check allow users to connect remotely to this computer
- add user

Services - Disable the following Windows services;
- Themes
- Event Log
- Error Reporting Service
- Fast User Switching
- Help and Support
- Indexing Service
- Automatic Updates
- Security Center
- Windows Firewall
- Print Spooler

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