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11/24/2010 | Comments: 1

The Real Bob Roberts™
New JAMMA Pinout & Colors

Black 18ga Ground 1 A Ground Black 18ga
Black 18ga Ground 2 B Ground Black 18ga
Red 18ga +5 volts 3 C +5 volts Red 18ga
Red 18ga +5 volts 4 D +5 volts Red 18ga
Blue 18ga - 5 volts 5 E - 5 volts Blue 18ga
Orange 18ga +12 volts 6 F +12 volts Orange 18ga
NA Key 7 H Key NA
Yellow Coin Counter 1 8 J Coin Counter 2 Yellow/S
Gray Coin Lockout 9 K Coin Lockout Gray/S
Violet Speaker + 10 L Speaker - Violet/S
Blue/S Not Used 11 M Not Used Orange
Red Red Video 12 N Green Video Green
Blue Blue Video 13 P Composite Sync White
Black Video Ground 14 R Service Switch Orange/S
Red/S Test 15 S Tilt White/S
Brown P1 Coin 16 T P2 Coin Brown/S
Gray P1 Start 17 U P2 Start Gray/S
Blue P1 UP 18 V P2 Up Blue/S
Green P1 Down 19 W P2 Down Green/S
Yellow P1 Left 20 X P2 Left Yellow/S
Red P1 Right 21 Y P2 Right Red/S
Orange P1 Button 1 22 Z P2 Button 1 Orange/S
Violet P1 Button 2 23 a P2 Button 2 Violet/S
White P1 Button 3 24 b P2 Button 3 White/S
Green/S P1 Button 4 25 c P2 Button 4 Black/S
Brown P1 Button 5 26 d P2 Button 5 Brown/S
Black Ground 27 e Ground Black
Black Ground 28 f Ground Black

























Outside Color=Bundle | /S=Striped
Yel=Power|Gray=Coin Door|Violet=Speaker|Green=Video
Pink=Player 1 | Aqua=Player 2


Pinwizz69   9/10/2012

I have always wondered why when they initiated Jamma standard no common wire color chart went along with it !! 30 years as a pro game tech. and for me this was a no brainer !! About time the industry adopted this chart. It would save manufactures mucho $$$$ to stock the same color wires on large rolls and cut as needed. On my games I also use .92 molex on power supply wires and .62 on coin door and control panel wires. Triflacon pins on the Monitor vid in Molex connector and I braid my harness for neatness and strength if there,s a breakin,s !!!!!

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