Troubleshooting Guide

One of the main issues with the DOS version of MAME is getting your soundcard to work at all under pure DOS

This can be misleading as you could launch MAME and it looks like the sound card has been successfully initialised, but MAME crashes at the OK prompt

When troubleshooting a "dead" MAME, the first step you should make is disabling the sound card

This can be done by using the -soundcard 0 option

If MAME launches with -soundcard 0 then you have a sound card problem

Use this guide to troubleshooting your setup. If you have one to add please let me know

audio initialization failed
Unable to initialize system
Check you are using the correct -soundcard x option
Check DOS soundcard drivers
Check environment variables in AUTOEXEC.BAT
MAME looks like it has successfully initialized the soundcard but locks up after loading ROMS Make sure no other PCI interrupt is sharing with the soundcard. Force the IRQ in your BIOS to be used only by your soundcard by setting it to ISA, not PNP, in the PNP configuration section.

Memory problems

Make sure you are using CWSDMPI v5 which resolves a number of memory issues, or try a different version and some systems prefer older versions.
ERROR: required files are missing, the game cannot be run
You have ROMS missing. Visit
Exiting due to signal SIGILL > Invalid Opcode at eip=0033f9b5 > eax=0000003b ebx=00db0df4 ecx=0000003b edx=00aeffb0 esi=00000000 edi=00000006 ebp=0000001 esp=00db04f0 program=C:\arcade\mameppro.exe > cs: sel=00a7 base=10000000 limit=00dcffff > ds: sel=00af base=10000000 limit=00dcffff > es: sel=00af base=10000000 limit=00dcffff > fs: sel=00bf base=00000000 limit=0010ffff > gs: sel=00bf base=00000000 limit=0010ffff > ss: sel=00af base=10000000 limit=00dcffff > App stac: [00db0c38..00d30c38] Exceptn stack: [00d30b90..00d2ec50] > > Call frame traceback EIPs: > 0x0033f9b5

The error you're getting is an illegal instruction error, check you are running the correct version of MAME for YOUR platform or try running plain un-optimised MAME

This seems to be a feature of v37B13 - use the latest version

Try renaming or deleting your mame.cfg. This has been known to resolve this problem.


Sound is running slow or choppy

The quality of the sound and how "smooth" it sounds can be a function of the following variables :

YOUR PC: CPU speed and type i.e AMD ATHLON 800Mhz
YOUR PC: Soundcard bus type i.e. ISA/PCI
EMULATED HARDWARE: Number of CPU's being emulated
EMULATED HARDWARE: Number of custom sound or other CPU's being emulated

As a general rule of thumb, the more CPU power your PC has is the ruling factor when it comes to speed issues with your PC - unless you have a hardware error.

In some neogeo games I get this message at the bottom of screen - Irq 2 enable, need raster driver. This means the games use the raster interrupt to do display effects. In the case of neodrift and trally it should be doing the zooming, but the way the zoom code was written is incorrect and the game is broken if the raster driver is used. for pspikes 2 it looks like stupid programming because the raster interrupt is used for nothing.


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